PALM Treatment

Palm Treatment

Serving Florida and operating out of Pompano Beach since 1991, Palm Tree Doctor is the original palm specialist. We have ISA Certified Arborists on staff to serve you for all of your palm diagnosis, palm treatment, and palm maintenance needs in Florida.

Palm Tree Doctor uses a unique method to treat distressed and diseased palms. Making the correct diagnosis is vital to getting your Florida Palms back to life as soon as possible. We serve Palm Beach along with all of Florida and offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your palms stay healthy for many years to come.

Palm Malnutrition is one of the more common issues with palms. Palm Tree Doctor's proprietary methods to treat and reverse these deficiencies have been proven to be extremely successful. Palm Malnutrition can include Magnesium Deficiency which can be identified by premature yellowing of the fronds, Potassium Deficiency which can be identified by yellow spotting of leaflets and necrotic leaflet tips, and Boron Deficiency which is not as common but can be identified by rippled accordion-like appearance in newly emerging fronds as well as fronds that stay closed and do not open.


We provide service throughout Broward County and the Palm Beaches; we also offer National and International consultation services. Call 954-946-3600 to schedule an appointment.