PALM diagnosIs

Palm Tree Doctor will bring a Certified ISA Arborist to your home or commercial property in a service truck prepared to do the work to save your palms.

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Palm Tree Doctor has developed a very effective treatment to control Spiraling Whitefly as well as methods to reverse deficiencies due to Palm Malnutrition

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Palm Maintenance

Palm Tree Doctor offers maintenance to ensure that your palms are protected from insects, diseases and deficiencies caused by malnutrition.

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PALM TREE DOCTOR is South Florida's leading palm expert. We have been operating out of Pompano Beach since 1991. PALM TREE DOCTOR is the ORIGINAL palm specialist. Do not confuse us with other companies that have similar names. We have three experienced ISA Certified Arborists on staff to serve you. We have the experience and expertise to properly treat your palms. A call to the PALM TREE DOCTOR will bring an ISA Certified Arborist to your home in a service truck prepared to do the work to save your palms. If you're considering someone else for taking care of your palms, ask if they are an ISA Certified Arborist. It is unwise and potentially dangerous to hire someone that is not qualified. This certification is the most desirable and well respected in our industry. Palm Tree Doctor is the ONLY company that has ISA Certified Arborists diagnosing and treating palms at time of initial contact.

In addition to our palm expertise, our customer service is unbeatable!! A human being answers the phone from 8 AM to 4 PM and we show up when scheduled! Time and time again, customers tell us how happy they are that we answer the phone live, show up when we promise, return phone calls and are available after we complete the work. We hear from people every day that are not able to contact the landscaper who installed their palms and are calling us to see if we can help.


Palm Tree Doctor is South Florida’s leading palm expert. We are currently looking for someone who has a love of palms and is in search of a steady job that may turn into a career. We have an opening for a field technician.


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Palm Tree Doctor

Palm Tree Doctor uses a unique method to properly treat distressed and diseased palms. The proper treatment will be determined by having a representative make a diagnosis in person. Our proven method has saved thousands of palms over the years. Cost of the treatment is surprisingly affordable, especially considering the cost to replace a single mature palm. Prices for maintaining palms vary, depending on the number and types of palms treated. Our aborist will be happy to quote prices in person while at your property.


Call 866-946-3600 today or make an appointment online.

Now available by popular demand, Palm Tree Doctor hats.  Washed Twill cap with adjustable back.  One size fits all but the largest noggin.  Embroidered with official Palm Tree Doctor logo on front.  Limited amount available.  $15 each if picked up.  $20 includes shipping and handling.


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